This page is designed to remember our K9 partners and honor their work. 


Manitowoc County K9 Passes Away

Unfortunately I again am the bearer of unfortunate news. Deputy Todd Cumming's K9 Gre passed away on Tuesday, June 14,2011 after a successful surgery. Todd has our deepest sympathy during this ordeal.

Larry and Angie


Mount Horeb K9 Passes Away

Mount Horeb Officer Blaine Hall notified me on June 9, 2011 of his K9 Bak

passing. He served loyally for just short of 9 years on the streets. Our

sincerest condolences to Blaine, his family and his Department.

Larry and Angie


Frankie - Mayville PD

Link to Mayville PD page below.


Snoopy - Steinig Tal Kennel

We are saddened to share that Snoopy von der Fasanerie passed away this morning (May 15). Snoopy earned may Schutzhund titles and he was the father to many companion, sport, and working dogs. He will be missed by owners Larry and Angie. 



I regret to inform you we had to put K9 Gescha down this morning at 12:30am. She was fine until last weekend, she wasn’t feeling well and we took her in and she underwent emergency surgery to remove a tumor in her spleen. The cancer was found to be the most aggressive cancer a dog can get. Last night we noticed she was not her joyful self again and she ended up collapsing at home. We rushed her to the animal hospital where it was determined she was in shock as the cancer had spread to her other organs and she was bleeding internally. The hardest decision in my life was to put her to sleep. She was such an amazing animal and her love for her family and friends was even more amazing. When we retired it took her several months before she realized she could just lay around the house and “be a house dog”…she missed working so much. Our house is so quiet without that big black furball running around.