Steinig Tal exceeds the national certification standards established by NAPWADA and USPCA. The K9’s trained prior to the start of K9 school by Larry Filo and Maggie Steiner. Steinig Tal does supply green dogs or started dogs to various agencies in the Midwest upon request.

New handlers receive instruction from experienced K9 law enforcement officers and deputies under the direction of Larry Filo. The instructors have general and specific knowledge in various areas of K9 training, case law, unified tactics and administration.  All books/ materials and equipment are included. 

    Our Police K9 Handler School runs four weeks with the times spent in teaching the Officer how to read and handle his K9. Our K9's typically go home with their new handler 3-4 weeks prior to the start of school for bonding, with them returning one day per week to work with their K9, if at all possible. 

     Our K9’s are trained by Maggie Steiner prior to the handler arriving at the class so we
spend our time teaching the handler how to read and understand his partner while on the street.

    Our Instructors, other than Maggie and myself are all present or retired K9 Handlers with many years of street experience to help the new officer learn to understand all aspects of being a K9 handler. 

    We presently have a staff of 10 officers to assist us at various aspects.  Our course will include K9 Case Law as well as utilizing live fire arms around the teams under the tutelage of a state certified fire arms instructor.  We also have Maggie teach the officer how to care for and help in understanding various problems that may occur during the K9’s life.  

    We offer a written standard by which all of our K9’s are tested.  This standard surpasses many of the national organization standards.  We test in narcotics, utilizing DEA Narcotics, tracking, building and area searches, aggression and control of the K9 teams.  We offer help on a 24 hour basis if needed.  

Steinig Tal offers annual certification and maintenance training. 

We certify K9's that have been purchased from other K9 facilites and  provide them with maintenance training as requested.

Graduates of our classes are welcome to utilize the facilities and seek assistance from our trainers  Monday through Friday.